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Desktop Procurement

We have significant experience in assisting organizations' with procuring and setting up Microsoft desktop machines as well as day to day management of these desktops.

We can:

Supply desktops, laptops and servers
Elite Technology Services have partnered with a number of organizations to bring you great pricing and support for your desktop hardware and Microsoft software.

Provide desktop support
We are able to install and upgrade software, and resolve problems encountered by users of your Microsoft desktops.

Create standard operating environments
Standardizing the setup of your computers allows for packages to be created that include the operating system and applications as a single image. This means rather than having to install an operating system and then a bundle of applications there is just one install to be done. This saves time during installation, and also makes troubleshooting of your desktops easier as all computers have the same applications and versions running on them.

Develop IT policies
With our experience in IT we can assist you in selecting and documenting policies around the appropriate use of your desktop resources.


You can focus on your core business
Rather than having your managers distracted with trying to staff, manage and monitor desktop support personnel you are able to have them focusing on your core business.

Access to varied expertise
when you employ us to look after your Microsoft desktops you don't have just a single engineer assigned to you. At Elite Technology Services, we have a team of engineers with a variety of expertise and when you call for assistance we will put you in contact with an engineer that has the most suitable skill set to help you.


Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Systems Engineer CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional GIAC - GSEC Security Essentials
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